Monday, July 5, 2010

Bouncing Ball

Animation Test For a project

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Unleash The thesis Of war

Concept designs I did for my first weeks in Pre-Production. The Troll at the end is a image I did half a man age ago back in England.

The Original Idea for this was sharks hunting for people, The idea was a bit to obvious

The idea developed to a herring who has build a robot fish to fight fisher men.

This was the more Disney inspired idea if you will. Hermit crab has goten to fat for his house which breaks, and plots out how to take an octopuses one

The idea developed into the crab building inventions to steal the shell from the octopus

The final idea I presented for Pre-Production. A robot dishwasher who has become so intraled in the system that he has forgoten how to live. Then a butter fly comes in to his work space and sparks old emotions about freedome.

The idea of the robot dishwasher is the project that I will present to the mid point review board for my thesis proposal.

This is AllFjell (AllMountian) made this character ages ago

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ghost of Eivind's Past

Ah, Some old work from my first semester in San Francisco, Brings back memories to a more simpler time where words like, Thesis, Mid Point Review and Robert Steele was far away or not even within my scope of knowledge.

These images are from figure drawing class and let me tell you that I was sooooo baaaaaaaad in the beginning, but trough the great guidance of Zim my instructor. I'm now able to draw people without the urge of lighting them all on fire.

Look!, It's jolly old me well before I cute my hair and took the little tach, but the glasses are still same.

My first "Break trough" image.

Was really happy with the way her face turned out in this.

This was my first proper drawing of a face. Still have mils of room for improvement.

Really enjoyed doing backs of people. There are so many interesting shapes forms, and a bit more room for interpretations of those for shapes and forms.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

And Here We go

Wow, I can’t believe it. After nearly 5 years of loafing around with my head in the clouds, and saying that I would one day get one of these things that sound like an incurable disease, A Blog, The day has arrived. I hope that this new relationship will prove to be a happy and fruitful one as I start to use this new creature of mine to show case my work and other things.